Coaching & Teaching

pictos_coachCoaching & Teaching with multimedia tools like Augmented Reality. Coming Soon.

Supports de Cours et de Ventes en Réalité Augmentée
Hỗ trợ các khóa học và bán hàng Augmented Reality

We provide original trainings for employee and customers.

  • Professionalisation workshops
  • Product demonstrations & How-to
  • Green tourism
  • Teaching with Augmented Reality
  • Video, “step-by-step” and printing manuals

We reinvent the art of presenting and inform users of your products with the first presentation software using augmented reality to showcase your content.

Augmented reality allows to insert virtual objects “tags”, which are geometric figures printed.
The goal is to observe every angle an object without human/machine interface (no need GUI, graphical user interface), rotating a printed card and to use this medium as well as being on the workplace in order to make it more attractive and continuing education.

And if a single sheet of paper could have a third dimension … virtual ?

The French application under development that we use in beta it’s just allow everyone to create their own augmented reality.
This software is for all those who wish to enhance a presentation, a working document or project model, and particularly in the world of education, training, teachers or students, who can create productions valued by augmented reality. This created a dynamic of motivation to personal training and trainees can easily produce compelling documents.