Communication & Promotion



Marketing studies
We make questions to customers and we give answers for clients (building study group, writing quizzes, audit of company or products awareness and image, surveys, market research, studies and policy recommendations, strategic and technological monitoring, communication plans, etc).

Brand building
We found for you “The” name building the good image (brand personality, brand registration, graphic design, chart of identity, packaging, charter of quality, team training, etc)

Visual identity
If you need a visual identity for your business, company, website or any other logotype project then you are at right place.
We always think before design. We always think outside the box. We always make original designs by inovating. Which is necessary for a new business to stand out in market. You will get fully customized designs as well as “open-stock” images will be provided according to your demand and requirement. We make the logo before time.


But we do research about domain names,  intellectual property, we check that there is nothing like your brand or company or logo project on Whois, Google etc. As you all know there are millions of logo designers in this country and they can have “same-same-but-different” ideas. Because we want to still the only ones in South-Esat Asia are able to provide original, if you see anything similar (before we created it), we will change it for you for free !

Products promotion
Distinguish production, increase the added value, access to the most profitable markets, capitalize recognition (events, successful positioning, lifting/customization of products image, promotions, “media for equity”*, etc).


We provide original trainings for employee and customers :

  • Professionalisation workshops ;
  • Product demonstrations & “how-to-do” ;
  • Green tourism ;
  • Teaching with Augmented Reality ;
  • Video, “step-by-step” and printing manuals .


Business-to-business & b-to-consumer development of sales by local and international synergies for productors of Da Lat area :mmexport1473673121955

  • Creating market places (offline & online) ;
  • Find international customers (market research, prospects, etc) ;
  • International exhibitions supports (graphic design, interpretation, creation of exhibition stands) ;
  • Customs procedures for exporting & international rules, tour organization in trade-fairs and in foreign countries .

* “Media for Equity”, what is it?
To explain it simply, investors offer to start-ups B2C, clients of GREENWISH.ASIA, advertising space in the media in exchange for shares in the capital. With this, companies are quickly gaining notoriety and commercial visibility through various communication campaigns carried out by the investment fund without impacting their cash flow and their investment capacity. This model is already widespread internationally and allowed to see the birth of the rapidly become leading companies in their sector.