How we work ?

Fond15We have values.
We scrupulously respect given word for that is respecting our partners. We always do what we say and we always say that we do. We think that we will do and we realize what we have thought. Our values and cultural virtues are : loyalty, honesty, faithfulness, respect, discretion.
The values of competition, of leadership, of supremacy or profits, are obsolete when they are not in the service of ex
cellence and quality services.

Fond12Operating in Collective.
Based in Dalat, the collective works with companies and financial groups, cultural and public institutions, working groups and artists, mainly in rural development and agricultural promotion.
His research concerns the
organization, formatting and access to collections of documents, the development of tools for editing and collective documentation and the implementation of systems focused on users.
For this, the collective develops project structures and devices, draws identity and typography, develops digital interfaces, multimedia tools, factory images, books and spacedesign. With a concern of transmission and experimentation, the collective operates at the request, in the training of technical school teachers or Universities.

Fond13Initial Stage
We work with you to determine where your product is likely to be successful, we create a short-term and a long-term plan based on your companies ambitions and we formalise a visual identity for customers and distribution partners in the locals markets selected by you. We assist you in entity corporate identity, legal matters and many other aspects of establishing your brand.

We work with your distribution partners to market and grow your brand in Vietnam. We install your ERP, develop your website, make sure your presence in social media in multiple platforms and languages, advertise by “media for equity” and use our own network to promote your brand. We continue to perform market assessments to ensure your product is being branded effectively in the rapidly changing landscape in Asia.

Reduce time to market & cost of establishing in Vietnam by leveraging our existing and extensive network of supliers, distributors, P-O-S, shops, etc.
Take advantage of our B-to-B market-places, distributors warehouses and drop-shipping capabilities to reduce the cost of distributing your production throughout South-East Asia, making your products price more attractive to new distributors in the process.
We take on the management of your ERP platforms and advertising campaigns in multiple languages, tailoring the image and delivery of your brand to the local markets tastes.
Have experts in the local marketing work with you to bring your brand to a point of self-sufficiency, helping you recruit the right people to grow your brand further.