Matias-Roland Decraene, have a master’s degree in graphic design from the ESAIG-Paris and a master in information & communication from Paris-VIII University. He’s also certified has professional carpenter in France, with twelve years of activity in building & decoration.
After a very long international experience in multi-cultural environment for bi-lateral cooperation in agriculture and small industries (Africa, South-America, Asia) he’s since twenty years creative director specialized in communication B-to-B and visuals ID. He made almost of his career in the domain of corporate communication, in agencies, for insurance and financial companies and institutions (Axa, Drouot, Lamy, Barclays, Winthertur, FNSEM, Caixa, etc).

Visita interiora terrae rectificando ivenies occultum lapidem.

…or, to tell you his philosophy more simply :
We mean “the pursuit of something better” by proposing synergies with-and-for rural actors.

Director of Communication of the cabinet ACG AFRIQUE in Dakar, Senegal, under the presidency of Idrissa Seck, he worked at hight level consultancy for gouvernments in all Sahel sub-region (Senegal, Mali, Burkina-F, Ivory Cost) for crisis managent, electoral and institutional communication and development programs – like PNUD-USAID programs, CILSS (the Inter-states Comitee against desertification in Sahel).
In Asia, since 2007, he’s free consultant, contibutor in economic & cultural exchanges for country development projects, in partnerships between universities or diplomacy, for NGO or by himself (AAT, AVIFF, OIFF, LP4Y, Ecogarden, etc).

Since his first work in Southeast Asia, in 2005, he’s promoting a “PBD : public benefit design” :

I’m a public service artist. Not in the sense that I work for any authority.
I mean that each image, each word, each design express something that belongs to millions of people.


If you please to contact him directly : decraene[at]greenwish[dot]asia

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