Market place

FUNGI.ASIA the first market-place for sell-buy Cordyceps Militaris & Sinensis in Asia

It is a “work-in-progress” of a platform of a new type. This is primarily an online B2B marketplace, which is a central purchasing of products geared para-pharmacy and dietary supplements preparations on behalf of more than 150 e-commerce sites in Vietnam but especially abroad.

With its distribution network, FUNGI.ASIA provides a turnkey service to its B2B customers and online outlets offering a qualitative offer, which are associated ultra-competitive purchases price. But the strength of FUNGI.ASIA not stop there. Deals offered by FUNGI.ASIA also incorporate high quality packaging, descriptive of such products that are ready to be distributed on the sites of its B2B clients, and until promotions and visual elements.

FUNGI.ASIA has significant management production capacity (ERP, CRM, etc), also for storage and financing of purchases for its customers. The products offered by FUNGI.ASIA can also be supported with integrated logistics structure. FUNGI.ASIA finally offers dropshipping services customized to its B2B customers.

With experience e-commerce with major players, Matias-Roland Decraene established in August 2016 GREENWISH.ASIA and FUNGI.ASIA domain name.

New link in the e-commerce system, GREENWISH.ASIA aims to be a real partner for its customers integrating the market-place plateform, but also creating brands for them closely. The objective of this collaboration is not to enhance the product offerings, but even the notoriety of the brand. These brands that get legitimacy and important awareness through the network of internet sites with immediate visibility into product offerings selected by FUNGI.ASIA.

To better satisfy customers, GREENWISH.ASIA involved in the development of the B2B marketplace FUNGI.ASIA and adopted open source software solutions in the heart of the company’s business.

Significant synergies will exist between GREENWISH.ASIA and FUNGI.ASIA for different developments of B2C and B2B business.

Launch planned up after the party Lunar New Year 2017.